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In modern business activity, supply chain management has proved its crucial role to assist, maintain and develop of other parties business, from the point of customs clearance, shipping, logistics, transportation, warehousing and many others related to oil and gas activities. The local authority procedure's (such as Customs, Marine Department, Port and Harbour Department, Immigration and Port Health Department) will not allow any company to do their own clearance.


Adhere to this procedure, We Brubay Shipcare a successful player have met the local and international demand, and to assist main player company such as contractors, oil and gas related company, supplier, etc to handle all matters related to Customs multi clearance, Offshore, Shipping, Marine Shipcare and Logistic.


Brubay Shipcare also focusing on integrated ships Lay-Up and rigs stacking solutions for the offshore industry giving technical assistance to Ships / Rigs Owners focusing on the maintenance and safety of their ships during lay-up. Brubay lay-up package can be tailored to suit owner's requirement either for Hot or Cold Layup.


In the modern maritime business, we are the most reliable main player company for a multi clients as well as in an international trading operation. Share your experience with us, Brubay committed to our all in one service to our clients.


Our strength to assure our partners and clients of personalized quality services, to support our partner and clients business objective, and to strive to deliver with speed exceeding their expectations.

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