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Reduced transportation demand have become a major concern in marine industry. The laying-up of ships is one option available to ship owners for meeting these challenges. The proper management of deactivation and re-activation of the vessel machinery, and proper care during the lay-up, is key to ensure the multi-million asset is kept operational. Brubay offers expert services for the lay-up of ships, packaged into tailor made and comprehensive lay-up agreements. Brubay has the expertise for ship machineries and assures ship owners that the job is carried out with care.



This phase consists of the de-activation of selected machineries and their preparation. For warm or cold lay-up conditions, as per the original equipment manufacturer recommendations. A report is issued with specific recommendations for the management of the lay-up period.



Periodic inspections (daily, weekly, monthly) of the laid-up vessel consisting of visual inspection, testing, turning, periodic operation. These visits ensure the continued preservation of the machineries according to standard and OEM recommendations. All actions are recorded in a monthly report. Recommended corrective actions are reported for further decisions/actions.



This phase consists of the re-activation and commissioning of the selected machineries. Lay-up log book and equipment conditions are checked. The duration and the extend of the reactivation job highly depends on the lay-up conditions and the proper de-activation. Necessary repairs are listed and carried out if required. Class society is involved.



Brubay has packaged comprehensive sets of services to manage hot and cold vessel lay-ups at optimal cost. Centrally managed lay-up service agreements are scalable to include de-activation, re-activation, lay-up inspections and/or watch crew during lay-up. Brubay expert crews are mobilized and dispatched locally where the vessel are being laid-up. The service package is an all-in-one agreement covering a selection of equipment, for either de-activation, re-activation, lay-up inspections or all.


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