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Generator Rental
400kVA, 500kVA  and 600kVA generators are available for rental on a monthly basis

Garbage Collection and Disposal

Brubay has permitted cargo boat to transport and removal of gabbage to approved disposal sites.


Heavy transport or lifting to/from vessels at Lay-up Anchorage

Heavy/Bulky equipment and stores can be delivered directly to the vessel by permitted barge and landing craft from Labuan. Barge with crane 10 ton capacities and boom lengths/heights of 25M can be arranged to do the lifting


Marine Gas Oil re-fuelling during lay-up or upon reactivation

MGO  can be brought to the Lay-up anchorage by Bunker Barge/Bunker Tanker


Mooring Buoy

Mooring buoys with large sizes capacities are available for rent.

Brubay can make arrangement to launch and retrieval before and after mooring period


Underwater Hull Cleaning/Propeller polishing or repairs

Reliable Dive Contractors are available in Labuan. Services include repairs, closing and cleaning of Intake/Outlets below water line, renewal of fixed Anodes etc



For Emergency or routine towing operation several harbour tugs are available on call at hourly or daily rates or on lump sum towage contract. Same can also be called in on short notice in case of an emergency. Brubay will make an arrangements upon request or on Brubay Maritime’s initiative in case of emergency.

Mooring buoy fabrication and rental

Generator Rental


Hull Cleaning

Tug service

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